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We’ve more than doubled the content of our best selling book, Start A Cake Business Today. The newly revised and upgraded version of Start a Cake Business shares our extensive knowledge of running a small bakery business so that aspiring entrepreneurs can affordably learn the fundamentals of starting a cake business and have the necessary tools to be successful. Whether you’ve been creating cakes as a hobby or ready to take your home-based cake business to the next level, this comprehensive book covers every aspect of creating a successful cake business at home, in a shared kitchen or in a commercial cake shop. We cover everything, from writing a business plan and preparing for your first kitchen inspection to creative marketing ideas and attracting new clients. Written clearly and with specific, step-by-step advice, this book aims to pave the way for new cake business owners by informing bakers of all skill levels about:

  • Planning and preparation while in the start-up phase
  • Paperwork and organizational documents needed
  • Creating a business identity including your business name, logo and website
  • Legal issues including Business Permits and Licensing
  • Utilizing and benefit from the latest marketing strategies
  • How to create repeat customers—and stable income—by continually bringing clients back for all the cake occasions of their lives
  • Expenses and funding sources
  • Insurance, taxes, and accounting
  • How to start with a minimal investment
  • How to calculate your total product costs and price your cakes for maximum profit
  • Creating a professional publicity kit
  • Wedding-specific cake business strategies
  • Innovative places to sell your cake
  • Our 126-step start up plan
  • Tools and supplies you’ll need and much more

In addition to the contents of the book, buyers will also have access to the members area of our website to guides, spreadsheets and forms including:

  • Recipes
  • Contracts and Order Forms
  • Farmer’s Market Guide
  • Safety and Accident Prevention Guide
  • Cake Business Pre-opening and Daily Checklists
  • Cash Flow and Cost of Goods Sold Spreadsheet
  • Budget, Start-up, Financial projections, Profit and Loss, and others

Education is a life-long endeavor. The knowledge and skills for starting and growing a business are becoming more accesible, more clearly explained, and fine-tuned. The expansion of cottage food laws is creating opportunities that were once only available to a select few. This book is an extension of our commitment to helping educate anyone who wants take their economic future into their own hands by starting a cake business. This is the first time Start a Cake Business has been offered on Kindle. If you’ve ever considered purchasing one of our books, this is a great opportunity and a great price at $9.99.


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