Selling Cupcakes and Cakes

In addition to cakes, many small businesses also offer cupcakes and cake pops. While this might seem an obvious choice, there are some additional considerations you’ll want to address when deciding what options to include in your bakery menu. There are some very good reasons to consider cupcakes in your business plan:

  • They are an “evergreen” product, meaning customers want them at all times of the year. Every season is potentially a cupcake season. While the same could be said for cakes, we find that wedding season is one of busiest for cake-only shops.
  • Cupcakes can be added relatively inexpensively to your existing workflow. You will incorporate more of an assembly-line approach.
  • Cupcakes can be used alongside larger cakes. We often see brides choosing a beautiful cupcake tower with a cutting cake at the top, surrounded by cupcakes decorated in the colors of the wedding.
  • Cupcakes are easier to transport and can be sold in a broader variety of locations and may open up wholesale opportunities for your cupcake business. (Think farmers markets, fairs, coffee shops).

While many bakers have gone towards cupcake-only businesses, I believe that offering cakes and cupcakes is still a great way to go, as the tradition of cake cutting, cakes for birthday parties, meals, showers, etc. is still huge. If you have the skills to decorate cakes, a full-service, traditional cake business is likely to distinguish you from those who only sell cupcakes. Let me know what you think!

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