Start a Cake Business in Arizona

The Arizona Cottage Food Law went into effect in July  2011. Under this law you can prepare non-hazardous foods in a private home for sale to the public if you meet all the necessary conditions.

  1. You are required to obtain a food handler card before baking and decorating cakes.
  2. You must follow all production guidelines for preparing your home baked goods. Production Guidelines
  3. No hazardous foods such as cheesecakes, meringues, or cream-filled cakes or cupcakes. Hazardous Foods
  4. You must properly label your baked goods  Labeling Requirements
  5. You must be authorized to prepare food for commercial use. Program Registration

Need more information about the Home Baked and Confectionery Goods program? Contact the Arizona Office of Environmental Health

Each county has a different procedure and test. If your county does not require a food handler card, you are strongly encouraged to review the links at the bottom of the page to become familiar with safe food handling practices.

County Permits, Certifications, and Trainings

Food Safety Resources

If your county does not offer a food handler course, you can learn about food safety from the following websites:

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