Bonus Content: password request

Thank you for your purchase. Please fill out this form, then check your email for the confirmation message. Once you confirm, I will email you the password.
PaulA Spencer

Resources Page

18 thoughts on “Bonus Content: password request”

  1. Hi, I recently purchased your book and am in need of a password for accessing your additional content.

    E Riddle

  2. hi paula, I have bought your book recently and i need password to access the resources but unfortunately there is no “FORM” to fill up on this page! would you plz send me the password to my email.


  3. I purchased your book and am loving it! Please send me the password to the resources page. I imagine that’s going to be very helpful! Especially as I’m about to start pricing and such. Opening at GF Bakery….already lots of interest beating down my door, which is exciting!


  4. Hello!

    I have your book and it is helping me a lot! However, I’m not sure how to access the resources page on your website…the page is listed in the book, but then it asks for a password. Where do I find the password?

    Thank you!

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