Marketers find Twitter a tweet recipe for success –

A great article on how one cake business is using social networking to reach her customers for repeat business. If you’re not using Facebook and Twitter to market your business, read this article and get on these sites!

LOS ANGELES — Cake decorator Suzi Finer fills in spare time during the workday updating her “status” on Facebook, telling about 2,000 customers about what she’s working on.

It’s no frivolous exercise: Finer is looking to boost business for her employer, Hansen’s Cakes of Beverly Hills, and says that sales are up 15% to 20% since she embraced Facebook as a sales tool in September. “That’s even in a recession,” she says. “People are still having birthday parties and weddings, and seeing these little bits about cakes on updates get them excited about the possibilities.”

via Marketers find Twitter a tweet recipe for success –

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