Advice for Starting a Cake Business

The amazing and inspirational cake blog Cakespy has a great interview with Claudia Saraniecki of Babushka Bakery. If you haven’t already seen this, check it out.  What I loved were the words of wisdom Saraniecki eloquently stated about why her work is important to her. Read the whole interview and if you have a moment to consider… what is your why?

CS: Do you have any advice for someone considering starting up their own baking business?

BB: I have friends who create beautiful objects for people. They ask me why I get so stressed about baking–after all, it’s just cake. But the beautiful object that I make for people is put into their mouths and swallowed. It becomes a part of my customer! If this thought doesn’t scare a novice baker from the business, then my advice is to get the best training you can afford, bake daily, take good notes, and find people who will evaluate your work kindly, but honestly. And always wear supportive shoes.

Cakespy: Batter Chatter: Interview with Claudia Saraniecki of Babushka Bakery


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