Ace of Cakes

How many of you watch Ace of Cakes? For those of you who don’t know, Ace of Cakes is a reality television show airing on the Food Network.

Now the question I keep hearing about Duff is: Do his cakes taste as good as they look? For most of us having our own television show is not an option so making great tasting cakes is just as important as how they look. In fact, for budget conscious couples having a large reception, there are often two cakes — a small, beautifully decorated cake out front at the reception, and a larger sheet cake in the back (kitchen).Most guests are served from the sheet cake. It is the same kind of cake, but much less expensive for the couple as it is not decorated.

Given that some of your business will come from referals — people who’ve tasted your cake at a wedding, make every cake GREAT!

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  1. I watch the show because I have thisthing for cakes and a fream to have my own business which I am looking into now . LOve the show would to see more.Could you give me some ideas on how to get started in my home. Would like to no if you help people to get started wsith just good information or advice.

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