Wedding Cakes on a Budget

The art and science of cake decorating, I believe is seeing unparalleled popularity and interest. With this popular awareness we have seen talented sugar artists command higher prices for their cakes. While I think it is awesome that cake decorators are making more money per slice I think it’s important in building a business to address the needs of your community and offer a range of products that can meet any budget.

As we wrote a few posts back, many brides are often looking to save some money on their wedding and the cake is one place where she can still demonstrate elegance and style while cutting costs.

While there’s no way to make a cake LOOK bigger, there are ways to get more servings for less money.

Centerpiece cakes: instead of one large wedding cake, a smaller one for the couple, as well as a small cake at each guest table. Centerpiece cakes can also replace the floral arrangement — another savings.

Sheet cakes: A smaller display cake and simpler sheet cakes with the same flavorings. Everyone enjoys the same cake. Moreover, sheet cakes can accommodate unexpected guests.

Simple yet elegant cakes: There are some very beautiful classic designs that don’t require significant handwork. The trend towards custom cakes, sugar work and even fondant in wedding cakes is great for cake decorators but can be costly for brides.

Couples on a budget should consider alternatives to fondant work and gum paste.Brides can choose buttercream smoothed to look like fondant and use fresh, organic, edible flowers to decorate their cake.

Cupcakes: Cupcake wedding cakes are gaining in popularity for weddings. Aside from their convenience, they can also be a less expensive alternative. We often see brides choose a small traditional decorated cake with a wedding cupcake tree – some brides even choose multiple flavors for their cupcakes.

Offering a range of products is for most home bakeries the key to success and profits. More on this to come….

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