Another news story, Another great Cake Business success

Every day it seems I read about another success story about someone who dared to take on their dream. Here’s one from Winston-Salem NC.:

Cake Creator: Mother turns a found skill into creative outlet, business

We can learn from Melissa’s persistence in going forward despite being unsure of her ability to make wedding cakes. I have talked to many bakers who prefer to start out with birthday cakes, or baby showers and then graduate onto wedding cakes. This is a great way to begin becuase it gets your name and ability out there in the public. Then, eventually when you’re approached to do a wedding cake, you’ll be ready and say “YES”

Here’s a quote from the article.

At first, the complexity of wedding cakes intimidated her, so she started out by looking for clients who wanted birthday cakes.

“I printed up fliers and mailed them to all of the daycares and asked them to post them,” she said.

She began getting calls. She also began studying the architecture of wedding cakes.

“If it’s not supported on the bottom, everything is going to crumble,” she said.

She has come to enjoy the challenges of a wedding cake.

Congratulations to Melissa as this article is surely going to bring even more business in. Some great cake inspiration  there!

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