Wedding Cakes on a Budget

The art and science of cake decorating, I believe is seeing unparalleled popularity and interest. With this popular awareness we have seen talented sugar artists command higher prices for their cakes. While I think it is awesome that cake decorators are making more money per slice I think it’s important in building a business to address the needs of your community and offer a range of products that can meet any budget.

As we wrote a few posts back, many brides are often looking to save some money on their wedding and the cake is one place where she can still demonstrate elegance and style while cutting costs.

While there’s no way to make a cake LOOK bigger, there are ways to get more servings for less money.

Centerpiece cakes: instead of one large wedding cake, a smaller one for the couple, as well as a small cake at each guest table. Centerpiece cakes can also replace the floral arrangement — another savings.

Sheet cakes: A smaller display cake and simpler sheet cakes with the same flavorings. Everyone enjoys the same cake. Moreover, sheet cakes can accommodate unexpected guests.

Simple yet elegant cakes: There are some very beautiful classic designs that don’t require significant handwork. The trend towards custom cakes, sugar work and even fondant in wedding cakes is great for cake decorators but can be costly for brides.

Couples on a budget should consider alternatives to fondant work and gum paste.Brides can choose buttercream smoothed to look like fondant and use fresh, organic, edible flowers to decorate their cake.

Cupcakes: Cupcake wedding cakes are gaining in popularity for weddings. Aside from their convenience, they can also be a less expensive alternative. We often see brides choose a small traditional decorated cake with a wedding cupcake tree – some brides even choose multiple flavors for their cupcakes.

Offering a range of products is for most home bakeries the key to success and profits. More on this to come….

Liability Insurance for a Home Bakery Business

Liability Insurance is probably the most important area of business ownership that is almost always overlooked at the outset. Most people running an in house business think that their great homeowner’s insurance policy will cover them if anything should happen. I implore you to take a look at your homeowner’s policy because this is almost never the case. Insurance companies are very savvy to what people may do in their homes and protect themselves, often times in several different clauses, from the liabilities that are associated with any home food business. Continue reading Liability Insurance for a Home Bakery Business

How to Cut (slice) a Wedding Cake.

How do I cut a wedding cake?

Why is cake cutting a CRITICAL issue for brides and cake decorators alike? Simple. If the cake is cut wrong (slices too BIG) there may not be enough cake. The bride is angry and the cake decorator gets the blame — bad for business!This is a classic problem that happens more often than you might think. Cake decorators should always provide strict cake cutting instructions so that there are no mistakes and enough cake for everyone.
Slices should be as uniform in size as possible; usually 1” x 2” x 4”. Four inches represents the height of the two?layer tier. The slicing can be done in straight lines or in circles.
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Ace of Cakes

How many of you watch Ace of Cakes? For those of you who don’t know, Ace of Cakes is a reality television show airing on the Food Network.

Now the question I keep hearing about Duff is: Do his cakes taste as good as they look? For most of us having our own television show is not an option so making great tasting cakes is just as important as how they look. In fact, for budget conscious couples having a large reception, there are often two cakes — a small, beautifully decorated cake out front at the reception, and a larger sheet cake in the back (kitchen).Most guests are served from the sheet cake. It is the same kind of cake, but much less expensive for the couple as it is not decorated.

Given that some of your business will come from referals — people who’ve tasted your cake at a wedding, make every cake GREAT!

What should I name my Cake Business?

Deciding on business name is often one of the first things people think about when starting their business. It is not a simple decision to make, because your business name will establish potential clients’ first impressions of you. A Competitive Analysis is an often-neglected first step. That is, investigating the names of other successful bakeries. Looking around online for established cake bakeries is a perfect way to start. What is special about your cakes?

In today’s age of Internet searches, it is also important to select a business name that can be translated to a dot com. Increasingly the first stop for most brides looking for a wedding cake is the internet. Even if you’re not planning an extensive foray into Internet advertising, reserving the name you wish to use is a prudent step. Getting a website used to be a lot more difficult than it is today. There are so many options for establishing your presence online and I will be offering further details in upcoming posts.

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Where can I find Wedding Cake Ideas?

As you continue to build up your cake idea notebook don’t forget about the cake competitions such as the OKLAHOMA STATE SUGAR ART SHOW . This Cake Competition gets bigger every year and their 2007 theme is “Hollywood Glamour”. If you can’t make it, photos from the event will be posted online. The 2006 Wedding Cakes can be studied in crystal clear detail. These are amazing works of sugar artistry that you should examine as you look for cake inspiration

Rebecca Sutterby stands by her first place design in the “Wedding Cakes Around the World 2006”.

Celebrity Cake Decorating Competition

The Celebrity Cake Decorating Competition will bring together the most talented pastry chefs in the United States with country music stars like Troy Gentry and Eddie Montgomery.

Country music celebrities Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry and his wife Angie, Aaron Tippin and his wife Thea, Julie Roberts with her Mom, Sandra Roberts, Dean Sams and Michael Britt of Lonestar, Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry and his wife Tracy and others will team with top cake designers Norman Davis, Lisa Rafael, Martin Howard, Bronwen Weber, Michelle Bommarito and Juanita Lane for the Celebrity Cake Decorating Competition on July 1, 2007 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, benefiting the T.J. Martell Foundation.

The Celebrity Cake Decorating Competition is part of the festivities surrounding the National Pastry Team Championship on July 2 and 3 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. 

The competition is open to the public and $20 tickets benefit Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS research. Tickets may be purchased through TicketMaster at (615) 255-9600 Find out more here.