One way to get a loan for your cake business….

Ask your customers…or would-be customers.

Read and listen to this piece from about how a small dairy in upstate NY is attempting to procure an unsecured loan (at a 6 percent interest rate) from their own customers.
So many of you who want to borrow money to start your cake business are running into difficulty obtaining a loan. Is it possible to learn from Dante Hesse and work with the people who know and trust you — your loyal customers?

Hesse is offering 6 percent interest for an unsecured loan of $1,000. His business plan taps into a pair of burgeoning movements — the first characterized by an interest in organic, locally grown food; the second by an environmental approach to economics.

Check it out. More later about this idea, I’m sure.

Star Wars Cake **Update

In a recent edition of my cake business newsletter, I advised my readers to offer products that appeal to a broad scope of customers — to serve the needs at all ranges of the market. Custom grooms cakes are a perfect example of this.

If you’re a fan of Ace of Cakes, you’ve no doubt heard about the Millennium Falcon Cake. But did you know that Jennifer Luxmore of Sin Desserts in Providence, RI mastered this extremely challenging cake as well? I love it!

Creating unique grooms cakes has become a profitable trend for cake decorators. It involves the mastery of baking as well as a strong sculptural sensibility. One must know how to create complex designs, carve forms and understand the limits of their medium. Keep in mind that 3D cakes, while almost entirely edible, are not always 100% cake. Duff for example, uses a rice krispie-like element in his cakes. Be creative and experiment!!

millenium falcon cake

“The most awesomist grooms cake ever!” Millenium Falcon decorated with help from painter Jason Brockert and designer Phil Karl.

Wedding Cakes from Every State

If you are curious about what the popular press has to say about the “Best” cakes in every state, check out People Magazine’s Cakes from Every State Multimedia presentation.  This is about a year old, (I don’t know how I missed it :)) but still a nice snapshot.

The cool thing about this article is the range of prices one finds in each state in the US. I think it is very enlightening to see what a premium cake goes for in Oregon versus, say… New York or even Pennsylvania. Keep in mind of course this is really comparing apples and oranges. Nevertheless, a good quick sketch of the kinds of cakes being made in the US. Anyone thinking of starting a cake business should check this out for inspiration and guidance. I hope I’ll be writing about seeing your cake someday!!!

Cakes from Every State –