Marzipan Decorations on Cakes and Cupcakes

Lolo over at VeganYumYum.Com (voted Best Food Blog of 2007) has a  great idea for  cupcake or cake decorations made from marzipan. She was featured on the Martha Stewart show on February 25, 2008. Again we see how critical the use of the internet and social tools like flickr and youtube are in reaching wider audiences.
Knit Night Cupcakes
Not only are the cupcakes beautiful, but the photography is awesome and immediately draws you in. I love the thoughtful detail in ideas like this.

Lolo posted the video demonstration from her Martha appearance.

Check it out and be sure to bookmark VeganYumYum  for more ideas and fun.


Cake Balls – Wow!

Cake in cup

Here’s a twist on bite-sized cupcakes. Bakerella has posted the recipe for her beautiful and innovative Red Velvet Cake Balls. While the recipe is from a box, this is a really interesting idea that is something that is between a cupcake and a piece of candy. I could see this as a nice revenue generating product for a wedding cake business.

Check out her blog, it is really inspiring and a nice use of artistry throughout her baking process.

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Best Carrot Cake Recipe

JB over at Urban Drivel posted her experience baking a Cooks Illustrated Carrot Cake. I’ve been doing some experimenting of my own with Cook’s Illustrated recipes so when I found this blog post I decided to share. I thought a TROPICAL Carrot Cake was a perfect way to warm up the winter doldrums that many in the US are feeling right about now. Pineapple pudding, shredded coconut, YUM!

Cooks Illustrated: Tropical Carrot Cake

What is the best flour for baking cakes?

King Arthur Flour has been making flour for more than 200 years, and the Vermont-based company’s catalog has been a baker’s companion for decades. Their Web site doesn’t disappoint, with exclusive products, time-tested recipes, and tools for baking.

You can sign up to receive their print catalog as well. King Arthur flour can be ordered in bulk or you can find it in most grocery stores. Happy baking!

How Do I make Gluten Free Brownies?

Elsepeth27 over at GroupRecipes posted a great recipe for Gluten Free Cake Brownies. She adapted it from the Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Dessert Cookbook by Connie Sarros. The original recipe is gluten and wheat free, but she adapted it to be milk and egg free also. We have a close friend with food allergies and she is so touched when we keep her in mind by making desserts that she can enjoy. Dietary restrictions are an increasingly important issue for many of us. Check out the recipe here: Gluten Free Cake Brownies Recipe


How do you make a Baby Block Cake?


Hey All! I went to a baby shower last night and saw the cutest cake idea. I know this has been around for awhile but it is so simple and really is a fun idea. I found so many examples on the web I just wanted to share with you as I have never done one myself.

Since I’ve already featured Anne Heap’s sugar cookies in a previous posting, I knew the would have the best

Cupcakes and Charity: Have a Bake Sale for a Good Cause

From Cupcakes Take the Cake:

CancerCare would like to invite you to participate in the fourth annual Cupcakes for a Cause™, which will be held from October 15 to October 21, 2007. This event benefits the CancerCare for Kids® program, which provides free support services to children affected by cancer and their families. During the week of October 15 – October 21, 2007, participating stores and wholesalers will be asked to sell their cupcakes and donate proceeds to support the organization’s CancerCare for Kids® program. Companies, schools, and individuals can also host cupcake bake sales to raise additional funds.

Anyone can help raise funds for the program. Whether you have a bakery or just love to bake, this is a good way to help.