Cake-Pops and Other Trends

What’s happening? That’s the question you should periodically stop and ask yourself as a cake business owner. While you may have a great product, you should keep your eye on the trends that might impact your business. While you shouldn’t always be looking outward or second guessing your product-line, you don’t want to miss out on a profitable phenomenon that your clients want. Here are some suggestions on how to find out about new opportunities and the most effective way to use that information.

Network with other shop owners. Whether you do this in person as business colleagues (perhaps, a monthly group meeting) or online in industry chat rooms and forums (this may be the easiest for your time-crunched schedule, as well as the safest since you aren’t chatting with direct competition), having discussions with like-minded individuals will keep you abreast of what’s happening in other communities. I recently got back into the MeetUp community for small business in my area. It’s a great way to network and keep up with local business concerns. There are meetups for marketing, WordPress and web design, baking, entrepreneurship, business plan writing and more.

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