Naming your Cake Business

Creating the perfect name for your cake business

Starting a cake business involves many steps that are both creative and strategic. If you are considering how to move beyond baking cakes for friends and family, you’ve probably thought about the identity of your business — your business name and logo. One of the first steps to establish your new identity both legally and from a marketing perspective is deciding on a business name. While initially playing around with names is romantic — daydreaming your name in neon (or something more elegant), at a certain point, you need to decide on a business name in order to create business cards, a Facebook page, buy a URL, etc. This decision can be one of the most important for your cake business.

The name is what people see first, what catches their attention, and what will get them through the door (or website). A good name can bring in business, while a bad name can turn people off from ever even walking in. You can choose a named based off your own creativity, where the business is located, your own life, your inspiration, a unique theme, an adjective that describes the sensibility of your cakes. Here are are few guidelines to consider:

1. The name should be easy to say and spell.  Have you ever noticed how some names just roll off the tongue and are easy to type into a search engine, while others can frustrate you to the point of giving up? An easy to spell name will make it easy for your customers to find you online. The web is the number one way people search for the products and services they need so your business name should take those conventions into consideration.

2. Consider your location. You can also base your cake business name off the area the business is in or anything about where it started. It connects your business to its roots and gives you the chance to keep where it came from with you. No matter where the business is or started, there is always an opportunity to bring in something from its surroundings. Whether your business is in your home or in a large store people can walk into, there are several different ways to incorporate your area into the name. What is popular in the area, the road your business is on, or anything else that brings in some things about the city or town around you.

3. Evoke positivity! When clients think of you, the business name should reinforce something positive and good. Cake is often the centerpiece of a joyful experience so capture that spirit in the name. If your business was helped or inspired by somebody, or you have somebody very important to you, you can also dedicate it to them. Those people who have changed or influenced your life somehow are always great options when choosing a name for your cake business. You can take the joy they brought you and bring it to others in the shape of delicious cakes!

4. Be clear and concise. The name of your business should make it pretty obvious what you do, what your specialty is or the essence of your business. Often a tagline can help if you offer a very specialized niche, but don’t rely too much on extra text or explanation. It can be a tall order to make a name memorable yet simple!

When you run your own cake business, you know there are many steps needed to take to get it running. One decision that requires quite a bit of thinking and patience, is the name. Your cake business name, no matter what influenced it, is the first thing people will see and will be what gets them to take that first step with you.

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