Cake Decorating Tutorials + an Important Lesson

I have posted several tutorial videos from many well know and soon to be well know cake artists and entrepreneurs. What I love about this video in particular is that in addition to simply being useful, Edna also begins and ends the video promoting her business. For many of us looking at this video it might look like great advice and support for OUR cake decorating. In fact, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and other “how-to” venues can be a great tool for demonstrating your command of the cake decorating skills.

As I watched Edna work, I wasn’t just admiring her technique, I was wanting one of her cakes! Her videos are helping others while at the same time setting her up as a subject matter expert. Whether they’re fellow cake artists, future customers or television producers, YouTube is increasingly where consumers are looking for talent.

tonedna1 on YouTube

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