Traditional-style Cakes are still in HUGE demand

Here’s an article discussing the influence of  Ace of Cakes and the Food Network on the wedding cake industry. What I find most interesting is that while new trends are emerging, the bulk of work for these cake businesses is still a good tasting buttercream cake.

Wedding cakes used to be a simple, though beautiful, part of a reception — three tiers of cake stacked together, some butter cream frosting, a few decorative flowers, a miniature bride and groom, and dessert was set. Yet with the advent of the Food Network and a new era of culinary creativity, bakers are now seeing requests ranging beyond the traditional to the unusual when it comes to the cake.Television shows like “Ace of Cakes” and “Food Network Challenge” have introduced concepts that years ago might have been impossible, designs that seem to defy the laws of physics to present cakes that emphasize art. Also, says James Nargi of Michael’s Bakery in East Hartford, brides-to-be get inspired and have ideas of their own from seeing cakes at other weddings. “People come in and seem a lot more educated about wedding cakes than before,” Nargi says. Nargi says the result is a move away from traditional cakes. Three tiers have been replaced by five or seven, often times not even stacked.

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