Wedding Cakes from Every State

If you are curious about what the popular press has to say about the “Best” cakes in every state, check out People Magazine’s Cakes from Every State Multimedia presentation.  This is about a year old, (I don’t know how I missed it :)) but still a nice snapshot.

The cool thing about this article is the range of prices one finds in each state in the US. I think it is very enlightening to see what a premium cake goes for in Oregon versus, say… New York or even Pennsylvania. Keep in mind of course this is really comparing apples and oranges. Nevertheless, a good quick sketch of the kinds of cakes being made in the US. Anyone thinking of starting a cake business should check this out for inspiration and guidance. I hope I’ll be writing about seeing your cake someday!!!

Cakes from Every State –


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  1. I’ll absolutely check it out. I love to see what others are doing. Would you know if there’s a directory of cake decorators? I get many requests for cakes that are not in my state.

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