Cake Baking is Art and Science

Here’s an article from The Daily Gleaner, Brunswick News that examines in a high level overview, the scientific principles of cake baking.

Baking is a very “scientific” process… in which all the
ingredients are building blocks that interact, causing chemical
reactions to create the structure of the cake.

Of interest to beginner cake bakers is the notion that it is very important to understand the terminology in a recipe. 

For example, Hofner says, no matter how hard you beat a butter cake,
you can’t hurt the batter. But with a sponge cake, if you stir the
other ingredients into the egg whites instead of “folding” them gently,
you’ll stir all the air out of the eggs and the cake will fall.

This is a great little article to remind us that its not all magic and art in the kitchen! There is a great deal of study and know-how required to make the best cakes…. – Let them eat cake

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