Legal Expenses in starting a Cake Decorating Business

With your new business venture will come the costs of getting the venture off the ground. Besides equipment and ingredient/inventory costs, you will incur costs associated with getting the required license or permit and possible filing fees with the Secretary of State. These fees depend on the business type you choose to set up. Of course these fees will vary from state to state.

 A consultation with a business attorney in your local area can vary widely so I would suggest that you call around and ask for referrals from other business owners. You may also wish to call your local bar association because many of them have a referral service. Some attorneys may charge a consultation fee of $50 to $500 but in most cases the fee will be applied to any services that you have them perform. The most common service that an attorney will provide is setting up the business form that you choose and taking care of all the paperwork associated with keeping you legal.

Your attorney can also provide counsel on the liabilities involved in operating your home food prep business and attempt to insulate you from personal liability. In addition, you may want them to prepare some form service contracts tailored to your cake business so that you have recourse in the event that you don’t get paid or a dispute arises over your services. The main thing that an attorney will provide is planning ahead for all of the potential issues that may occur and this is invaluable to a successful business venture.

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