What should I name my Cake Business?

Deciding on business name is often one of the first things people think about when starting their business. It is not a simple decision to make, because your business name will establish potential clients’ first impressions of you. A Competitive Analysis is an often-neglected first step. That is, investigating the names of other successful bakeries. Looking around online for established cake bakeries is a perfect way to start. What is special about your cakes?

In today’s age of Internet searches, it is also important to select a business name that can be translated to a dot com. Increasingly the first stop for most brides looking for a wedding cake is the internet. Even if you’re not planning an extensive foray into Internet advertising, reserving the name you wish to use is a prudent step. Getting a website used to be a lot more difficult than it is today. There are so many options for establishing your presence online and I will be offering further details in upcoming posts.

When searching for domain names, it sometimes helps to have suggestions of available names. I have used Enom.comto look for domain names because if the name you want isn’t available, they provide other similar names that might be. Good Luck naming your cake business!

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