How to Cut (slice) a Wedding Cake.

How do I cut a wedding cake?

Why is cake cutting a CRITICAL issue for brides and cake decorators alike? Simple. If the cake is cut wrong (slices too BIG) there may not be enough cake. The bride is angry and the cake decorator gets the blame — bad for business!This is a classic problem that happens more often than you might think. Cake decorators should always provide strict cake cutting instructions so that there are no mistakes and enough cake for everyone.
Slices should be as uniform in size as possible; usually 1” x 2” x 4”. Four inches represents the height of the two?layer tier. The slicing can be done in straight lines or in circles.

Slice a circle all the way around the cake, two inches inside the outer edge.Then slice one?inch servings from that outer ring.
When that ring of servings is gone, again slice a two?inch circle inside the outer edge, and then slice one?inch servings from that ring.
If you slice a circle 4” deep from the edge of the cake, the slices should be 1/2” wide. The industry standard is 2”x1”x the height of the cake slices. Repeat until about a four?inch round of cake is left in the center. Slice 4 pie?shaped servings.

Straight?Line Slicing
Straight?line slicing is often easier for someone who has never sliced a wedding cake. Keeping the knife clean is very important so have plenty of clean damp cloths handy. Typically at least two people help to serve the cake.

For more information see Wilton Cake cutting guides.

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