Home Bakery Success

Here’s a great success story from Madison Wisconsin about a family that started a home bakery and have grown so much that they’ve opened a retail bakery and coffee shop in a former bank. Their baking operation was located in the basement of their home and used ovens found in most kitchens. You can download the article: Home Bakery Success Story or visit their website. When they were looking to expand, they found many of the high-end baking items on eBay, saving them $75,000. WOW!

One thought on “Home Bakery Success”

  1. I too am a home-based bakery and I would like to tell all those perspective bakers to go for it. I have found the folks in my community starved for great home-made baked goods, because no one like to bake. I even teach a class on starting a home-based bakery. Home-based bakers are the Michelangelo’s of the baking world; ready to share their culinary gifts with their community.

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