Cake Business Cards

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One of the best ways to promote your cake business is to leave business cards with everyone you know. Attach your cards to every delivery you make, hand them out to anyone who asks about your baking, and always have plenty of cards on hand.

While there are plenty of high-tech networking solutions you may inevitably use to market your business, a low tech but equally important step in marketing your cakes in a personal and cost effective way is business cards.

Never be shy about passing out your card. As so many bakery owners will tell you, everyone you meet is a potential customer.

I used to suggest simple black and white cards, but as this business has become more competitive, you really need to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Invest in professional color cards. If you’re just starting out, there are plenty of free business card offers.

Be prepared to talk about your passion for cakes as you hand over your card. This is often called the elevator speech – what you would tell someone about yourself and your business if you only had about 25 seconds (the time it takes you to ride an elevator with a stranger). In your elevator speech you have the opportunity to introduce yourself in memorable fashion.

Be yourself and your sincerity will come through. At some point, this person will be in the market for a cake or perhaps pass along your card to a friend who is getting married and looking for wedding cake vendors. Your card is the key to future business referals.

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